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It’s a beautiful spring here in Denver. The clouds break up the sunshine with passing rains to refresh the mountainsides due west. Spring break came and went for most folks and the Holidaze are through. The sun breaks through your windshield as you round a corner and your buddy wont put the edibles away before the squad car notices the open container from just ahead of you. Your mind might be racing in these moments looking for the flashing lights rotate between medians, anthropomorphizing the eye rolls beind the wheel. When the lights finally tether your ride to the curb, its still game over.


We will always advocate for responsible consumption. Cannabis however is still being defined in some roles. If the usage is medical, there is an argument that it has provided aid to that persons function behind the wheel. Under recreational, not so much. These topics are being weighed alongside how different genomes react to terpene combinations and more. Without having established standards from ethical research and discussion, it is safe to say, drive sober, or get pulled over. Keep THC products out of reach and in child-resistant packaging.

These sources outline the latest dialogues in these debates from Ganjapreneur and Leafly. Canada is tackling the same debates and developing technology to effectively test for cannabis consumption, and promoting responsible use with anti-DUI ads (s4).


S1 – Ganjapreneur – Canadian Police Report No Increase in Stoned Driving post-Legalization

S2 – Ganjapreneur – Stoned-Driving Study Launching in Colorado

S3 – Leafly – Study Finds Alcohol 10 Times Deadlier than Cannabis on the Road

S4 – Leafly – Love The Drug, Hate the Driver: Canada’s Pro-Cannabis/Anto-DUI Campaign


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