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Not a fan of THC? Nervous about CBD? Give the terps a try, in fact you already have!

A lot of attention is shifting towards terpenes, putting the skunk in OG Skunk. Terpenes are known for their added natural benefits from all over the fauna kingdom. They occur in known sources for aromatherapy; Peppermint, Sage, Lavender, Cinnamon all produce mood-altering compounds to focus one’s mind, improve their mood, or even dry up a runny nose. Not a fan of THC? Nervous about CBD? Give the terps a try, in fact you already have!

Cannabis happens to produce terpenes like these in swathes! Linalool, Limonene, & Humelene are utilized enough for companies like Grüvi to rise with products that enhance your experience or simply provide a calming afternoon. Mercene stands tall in the market with a wide array of benefits! As an anti-mutagen, Mercene has drawn focus from cancer research in the prevention of cell mutation.

Improves memory retention
Pain Relief

On the recreational side, companies like Pyramid are proud of their custom mixes. Terpene separation has brought an opportunity to customize flavors & effects from cannabis extractions. Terp rocks, sauce, and sugars have begun to take hold for chronisseurs all over Colorado as they become specialty blends. Are you a fan of THC? These mixes can help you find the experience you expect from your favorite strains!



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Author: Matthew D Sheahan 2019


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