We must follow the Colorado marijuana laws to sell you cannabis products. Please make sure you understand the laws before coming to make your purchase.


Frequently asked questions?

Do we take 18 + plus? No, 21+ only.

If you have EPC inquiries please direct them to [email protected]

Concentrate specials/flowers all the time! Call or come in for details!

  Recreational: Rules & Regulations: You must be 21+ or older with a valid I.D. We do not take temporary out of state I.D’s. 1 oz of flower per day per customer. 8 grams of concentrate per day per customer. DAILY: If you are looking for specials please ask for: 4-gram Concentrate Specials! 1/2 oz Flower specials! 1 oz Shake Specials! We carry a variety of high end concentrates for connoisseurs and an abundance of unique edibles ranging from olive oil to gummies!