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It feels like the country has been waiting for the 2020 election since – well, the day the 2016 election was called. And now, almost halfway through 2019, we are rapidly coming back into that cycle. As a news junkie and cannabis advocate, I feel that the herb will come into play during the 2020 election in three different ways.


First, I think federal legalization overall will be seriously included in the conversation this election. Each year, we see more and more states deciding to make the jump and abandon the War on Drugs mentality.  With an estimated 5 million Americans who have access to legal cannabis, lawmakers and constituents alike want to get skin in the game. Subcategories within the industry, like tourism, are booming, and I think the destigmatization and economic incentive will push states green.


Second, I think it will affect candidacy. Around 60% of Americans support adult-use of cannabis, so it makes sense that they want to hear from candidates that share that. In short, if someone wants to run a campaign, they’ll have to make some sort of statement about cannabis.


Third, I think cannabis will have an entourage effect with other issues. Common platform issues this time around include criminal justice reform, universal healthcare, and addressing wealth inequality. Considering a larger percentage of people of color get convicted for cannabis crimes, cannabis medical research is growing in conjunction with the demand for better health care, and corporations are wanting to get into the industry – all of these can coincide.


What are your predictions for the 2020 election?


~written by Melinda Gardner~

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