Welcome to Cherry Peak Dispensary!

Our Flower: We offer a variety of strains and prices to fit your needs.

Our Concentrates: From Wax, to Shatter, to Terp Jelly, we have what you’re looking for.  We work with the best Marijuana Infused Processors to provide great variety for our customers.

Our Oil: Vaping is a discreet method for medicating, and now you don’t need a big, expensive rig to take advantage of this modality.  O.Pen, Bakked, and Mahatma, and RX Vape products can be found here

Our Edibles: Cheeba Chews, Dixie Elixirs, Incredibles, Love’s Oven, Nature’s High, RX, Stratos, Wana: you name it, we got it!


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Check out the 1st Licensed Social Consumption Establishment: The Coffee Joint! Located at 1130 Yuma Court, Denver CO 80204